To the Volunteers

Hello all Lunik Volunteers and future volunteers,

First off, a big thank you and lots of pats on the back for committing your time, whether big or small, to being part of the force to run and grow Lunik in it’s first year open!

And for those of you who haven’t volunteered yet, thank you for showing your interest in getting involved and we look forward to having you help out!

In the past two weeks we’ve been having a hard time keeping the kitchen open all day because of open spots on our volunteer calendar. We’ve got 10 hours of open time each day to fill and we really need at least 2 people to be running the kitchen between 12-6pm.

We have a lot of new food products that we can
start providing by donation as of Monday (including individual bags of chocolate covered goji and raspberries, kashi bars, san peligrino, canned lentil soup, etc….) if we can get our volunteer calendar completely full!

We also have a lot of posters ready to go out to the school but we’ve been hesitant to do so because of our sparse volunteer calendar lately. If we can get as many people signed up as possible to volunteer next week, we’ll be able to start canvasing the school on Monday and get a lot more people hanging out
in Lunik and expanding what Lunik can do for our student community!

Our Doodle poll sign up for the next two weeks is located here:

Please take a look and see when you are available to cover at Lunik! Let’s get this calendar as full as possible because chocolate covered goji and raspberries are awaiting us all…not to mention lentil soup people!!

If you have never volunteered before, sign up for a time when there is already another volunteer on duty- they’ll be able to
show you the ropes! If there is a time that works best for you and no one is signed up, send us an email and we’ll arrange something!

Thanks everyone and see you soon in Lunik!

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