Blog: Trouble & Daughter and Late-night Tuesdays at Lunik

What's Happening at Lunik?!

Recently, the amazing acoustic trio Trouble & Daughter were at Lunik!

Less is more: our flyers for the event – from my Instagram

They played at our recent Late-night Tuesdays at Lunik event, where we’re open until 11:30 pm with local and organic beer and wine ($4).

When Naz and I went around campus to hand out our flyers for the event, most people gave us a polite but doubtful “okay, thanks!” An hour later, the cafe was crowded and it looked as though our face to face promotions were effective.

Awesome vibes in the cafe… – taken by Natalia

The show was filmed, and we’re working on getting that up some time… in the meanwhile you should check out their website, YouTube, and bandcamp.

Late-night Tuesdays at Lunik are our versions of pub nights, a chill cafe atmosphere much like what it’s like during the day except with dimmer lights and local wine and beer. Sometimes we have a main event and sometimes we don’t. They’re decided on a week to week basis so check back on our website and follow our Twitter to keep up with what we’re planning!

Local and organic beer and wine at our Late-night Tuesdays | from my Instagram

A Late-night Tuesday on the night of the US elections – we streamed it live in the cafe!

– Sarah

Blog: Thanks, but we can do it just as well.

What's Happening at Lunik?!

Go away Starbucks.

I found myself repelling away from Starbucks during the last couple of months. I want to say it was the aggregate outcome of the obsession over the Starbucks gold card by my friends along with my working and spending most of my time at a co-operative café. There has been a real focus on transparency with where the food we consume is coming from, and what exactly goes into it.

Despite distancing myself from the corporation I found myself crawling back to them for their holiday flavours. Although I can honestly say that I don’t care for their “cute, red holiday cups” (I can’t even see them when they’re all covered up with the sleeve), peppermint lattes are my absolute weakness. The pile of whipped cream with sprinkles floating on top of the minty flavour that somehow manages to leave a cool taste in your mouth through the hot milk and cream aftertaste… its heaven in my mouth.

Take my money…


Starbucks Caramel Brulée latte – from my Instagram

… until now.

At our café we have an espresso machine. It delivers espresso shots as well as steamed milk. With foam.

Go away Starbucks. Be gone Tim Hortons. Bye bye Artisano.

Naz and I were experimenting with the latte making process and discovered that we could make our very own chai tea and peppermint tea lattes that pretty much tasted the same as any of them other cafés, but we know exactly what went in them and they’re completely organic. Plus, they would be sold at Lunik for a dollar.


A vanilla milk latte made in Lunik! – From my Instagram

One Canadian dollar. 

Just one dollar and anyone can experiment with our huge tea selection and steamed milk (which also comes in three flavours – regular organic, almond, and vanilla soy). For regular lattes we have special espresso roast beans from Gus’ Coffee ($1.50) and we also have cinnamon and chocolate powder to sprinkle on top! You can’t beat that.

Sorry Starbucks, I’m done.

– Sarah