Meeting minutes – March 29th, 2013 >> 11am

Chair: Kaela
Minutes: Natalia
Attending: naz, kaela, nat, brynn, sarah, wendi  
Via G+ web hangout

Mood checks  

Review of womyns night
Went really well, 10 ppl, good turnout, Cupcakes cookies, great dinner, great 2hour self defense instruction, discussion on rape culture,  women and weapons discussion, good final womyns night.
Check Democracy Now video on rape culture and on Democracy Now video on co-ops.

Review of meet the principle
Positive feedback on lunik and support. Not too many people came out.  

Hiring September coordinators
Positions are up. Application is up with 6 questions, some revisions have been made to certain questions. Video applications are no longer being accepted due to our desire to maintain anonymity.
Proposed that a Lunik coordinator be on the hiring committee with David and Aaron. Proposed: kaela. She will not be reapplying, all agree.  

AGM– Being held on April 2, 2013 >> 3pm
Biggest issue is promotion. All ask friends and volunteers. Push it in the weekly email. Post on our personal timelines every day. Tweet about it everyday. President, secretary, vice president, treasurer are up for reelection. Candidature spiels to be prepared.
Agenda is drafted.
Music: playlist and open mic. Promo this.
Schedule Agm 3-4:30. Potluck during agm.
Midday meal, samosas, slald, rice, cake, cupcakes…
Food ready beforehand so people can eat as the meeting progresses.
Email chris campbell and mike palamarek after this meeting. Birthday hats and balloons. Cake from My Market Bakery. Wendi to leave bank card at Lunik on monday.  

April’s policies
Keep it open as social space.
Review our current policies, hiring policy, etc.
Schedule, key in principles office.
Make a sign to encourage volunteers to sign up for april for opening.
After april 8, have space open with coffee and tea and as social space.  

Meeting ended 5pm.

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