Proposed Agenda – October 26, 2012 @10am

Chair: Natalia

Secretary: TBD

Time: 2:00pm

Coordinators present:

Volunteers present:

1. Introducing David – 15min

2. Mood watch/Coordinator updates:

a) Co-Chairs – Naz & Kaela 5min

b) Volunteers- Brynn 5min

c) Social – Sarah 5min

d) Financial – Wendi 5min

e) Enviro/Facilities – Natalia 5min

3. Meeting structure and meeting minutes – 5 min

4. Cleaning schedule – 5 min

5. Tuesday nights – whats happening and promo plan – 5min

5. Creating concrete to do lists for planning weekly, monthly. Goals and tasks for each role. Any new roles need to be filled? 10 min

6. Indoor plant drive – 5min

This meeting aims to be 1hr5min long.

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