Minutes – October 19, 2012

(Due to technical difficulties, the meeting minutes are somewhat incomplete this week. If you have anything to add from your notes, please post a comment below.)

Chair: Brynn

Secretary: Natalia

Time: Start: 11:00 AM

Coordinators Present: Nazampal, Kaela, Brynn, Natalia, Sarah, Wendi

Volunteers Present: Michelle Sciuk


1. Mood Check/Updates from each council (5 min each)

(i) General (Kaela & Naz)

Busy with schoolwork.

(ii) Volunteer (Brynn)

Need more volunteers, but the ones we have are amazing!

(iii) Social Space (Sarah)

In general, things are going well. There needs to be an email sent out to clubs to let them know about using Lunik for their needs. Also sees a need, through mixing of communication lines to arrange a meeting with Aaron Doupe, Daniel Ipyam to streamline our social policy enactment.

(iv) Financial (Wendi)

School and work are OK. Deposited moneys this past week and all spreadsheets are up to date.

(v) Environment (Natalia)

Still waiting on a meeting with Blair. Will send another email as follow up to show him the space and try to get on regular garbage maintenance for the space. Trying not to overwork my allotted hours. Some PTSD after the iron pipe burst last meeting but grateful and proud of how we fixed it… for now. Looking forward to working with the ‘softer’ infrastructure of acquiring indoor plant life.

 2. Anti-Oppression Education for GL Students

Naz will be making mini-flyers on the safe space policy and the structures of oppression in society. Want to delineate between anti-oppression and political correctness/censorship: big difference!

OPIRG will be coming in to do a workshop/training session.

3. Indoor Plant Life 

To put up plants we will need AA batteries for the stud finder. Kaela will acquire these.

Natalia is allotted a roughly 200$ budget for acquiring the required shelving, soil and plants. She will also publish a blog post with research on the benefits of plants/biofilters in maintaining healthy air quality. Some plants are better than others. WIll list the best indoors plants according to NASA research and our lighting conditions in the space and since many are easy to propagate, use the research to do a drive for free plant clippings/donations. The plants will need some maintenance, watering, misting, fertilizing.

Also look into getting soil/substrate in which to grow sprouts. Recommended location is on the north side of the main pillar between staircases as an under utilized space, accessible and with some light directed at it.

4. Message to all clubs about Group Use of Lunik 

As discussed in the opening statements, there has been some miscommunication between clubs, Lunik coordinators and the staff at Glendon. Clubs are assuming they can use the space if they confirm with Aaron or the new student life staffer, Daniel. We really need to know who is using the space in what capacity in order to work effectively. Proposed: setting up meeting with Aaron, Daniel, Sarah, Kaela and Naz. It might be impossible to get Aaron Doupe and Daniel at the same time but will try. This should be done as soon as possible.

5. Upcoming Events

Not much on the menu this week.

Discussed the ResLife Halloween Haunt. The general feeling was that first year students dressed as superheros would not be sufficient to secure the space, as was suggested by the organizers. They do not have it in their budget to hire someone for 3hours*16$. We sympathize with the cause and event and will develop a slightly more specific contract for the event to allow it to happen. The main contact – Sabia?- will be acting as the main person responsible.

Rocky Horror Picture show on Monday before Halloween!

6. Tuesday Nights and Lunik Events

Tuesday nights are desireable, low key events with alcohol to meet a demand for booze on campus while encouraging a healthi-er style of alcohol consumption than is generally sought with university students.

The problem is that each week, the permit costs 75$ plus time to acquire it, and it is hard to break even if attendence is low. We are not trying to make money, but we doubt that loosing money is worth all of the work that goes into making them happen with the new, stricter and prohibitionary regulations from the monopoly that is the LCBO.

If we can promote them, we agreed to try the nights of October 30th and November 6th. Kaela will try to get a band in for the 6th – Trouble and Daughters, led by the son of two of the Mommas and Pappas. We will reassess the continuance of Tuesday nights drinks after these nights. Therefore, we need promotion.

Wendi agrees to be in charge of  picking up the alcohol on Sunday or Monday and dropping off the empties and unconsumed the next day (we cannot store the alcohol).

Natalia agrees to volunteer bartend, and we should try to find someone to assist her.

Need to get the liquor permit by Sunday, Oct 21. – Kaela

7. Lunik Outreach (tabling) and Volunteer Schedule (Mad Mimi upgrade?)

Lunik tabling arranged for Tuesday. The schedule is set : Naz 11am-12pm; Brynn 12-1:30; Natalia 1:30-3; Naz 3-4pm; Sarah 1:3-3.

Will have snacks, samples and posters, flyers. Natalia will make a poster for the garden.

We need this to get more volunteers involved in running the kitchen!

All agree to Mad Mimi upgrade and there will also be a hard copy of the schedule in the kitchen as an additional option for signing up for shifts.

We all agree to sign up for 1hour of official behind the counter time to encourage more people to join and fill in the schedule.

8. Board Meeting

Natalia will upgrade the by-law amendments as per the last BOD meeting. Kaela will send them out.

Darryl Reid suggested we have a meeting and start tentatively planning for the AGM athough we still have under a year in which to legally do this (18mos from the time of incorporation, February 2011). Need to get BOD on board with what we are up to so they can respond accurately when interacting with university operations directors.

9. OSCA Conference

Ontario Students Cooperatives Association conference. Nov. 9, 2012.

Brynn and Wendi expressed interest in attending. The website has been hacked by “The Punisher”… Natalia will find the info and forward it to interested parties. Must register and confirm by Monday. Inquire into funding from Darryl as happened last year.

10. Harvest Noon AGM

Thursday, October 25 @ 5pm.

– skipped over due to time constraints –

11. Pay 

Spreadsheets updated, everyone paid up. Naz has most thorough, detailed and effective logging style which we should try to mimic. It is a subjective matter as to what deserves logging and what is volunteering.

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