Meeitng October 26, 2012

David from student affairs:

-assistant of student affairs since may – works with clubs and organizations and supports admin functions of res life and aaron doupe and international students

-coordinators introduce yourself to david 🙂

Updates from chairs

Naz is busy next week but feels good right now

Kaela went to the Harvest Noon AGM, was cool

Brynn is busy next week but is good this week, volunteering going well

Sarah, events are going well

Wendi, needs card for deposits

Opening and Closing –

Clean up from events – sink full of pumpkin seeds on Thursday morning. Clean up for events needs work.

What is the schedule for closing?

Double check and schedule coordinators for closing.

Meeting Structure and MInutes

Events discussed outside of meetings, same for volunteers so we can bring yes or no responses.

Minutes reflect decisions passed

Agenda sent out by Wednesday

Measurable goals and to-do lists created in meetings

Cleaning schedule:

Pick a Saturday every month to clean in pairs

Naz and Natalia doing cleaning next Friday

Tuesday Nights

Plant Drive

We have sprouts. Nat will make fliers for plant drive.
Facebook. Post behind the counter.

Clothing Swap

Yes+ will set up clothing swap\

Community Art Projects

Michelle would like to take this up for next semester

To Do List

-anti oppressive stuff – ties into general vision of teaching people about the safe space policy – Goal: get the message and email and blog post out, print and photocopy fliers.

-training scheduled from opirg next Friday

-One art creation minimum on Tuesday

-Gus video

-Plant drive
and blog post

-2 shelves on the walls for plants\

-unclog the sink
on our own
-Weekly cinema night

-2 evenings a month hosted by volunteers (part of the space use naz)

-Poetry slam with at least 8 people reading poetry by the end of the semester (michelle)

-Volunteers (full schedule by the end of next month)


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