Agenda for October 19, 2012 Meeting

Chair: Brynn

Secretary: Natalia

Time: 11:00 AM

Coordinators Present:

Volunteers Present:


1. Mood Check/Updates from each council (5 min each)

(i) General (Kaela & Naz)

(ii) Volunteer (Brynn)

(iii) Social Space (Sarah)

(iv) Financial (Wendi)

(v) Environment (Natalia)


2. Anti-Oppression Education for GL Students (10 min)


3. Indoor Plant Life (5 min)


4. Message to all clubs about Group Use of Lunik (10 min)


5. Upcoming Events (15 min)


6. Tuesday Nights and Lunik Events (10 min)


7. Lunik Outreach (tabling) and Volunteer Schedule (Mad Mimi upgrade?) (15 min)


8. Board Meeting (5 min)


9. OSCA Conference (5 min)


10. Harvest Noon AGM (5 min)


11. Pay (15 min)

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