Meeting Agenda for October 12, 2012

Agenda for meeting

Chair of meeting: Wendi

Secretary: Brynn

Time: 11 AM



Wendi, Naz, Brynn, Kaela, Sarah, Natalia


Michelle, Colvin

1. Updates/mood check from each council (5 – 10mins)

(i) General/Kaela & Naz

  • Mood: okay, a little stressed (Naz)
  • spent time cleaning/organizing last night (Michelle will come and clean behind counter)
  • will print out brochure for membership
  • list of needed things (weekly?) – whiteboards on wall (Naz)
  • Kaela will buy ink for printer
  • back room has to be clean (can be done in an hr with everyone’s help) – create workspace/office
  • OPERG will set up anti-oppression training (Friday during weekly meeting), Victoria/David will try to get conflict resolution
  • Mood: a lot of stuff going on outside of Lunik, personal concerns, preoccupations (Kaela)
  • Gus was good! Got lots of footage to edit and put together for website
  • working on YUconnect (David will open up slot fo register)

(ii) Volunteer/Brynn

  • Mood:

(iii) Social/Sarah

  • Mood: fine, frustrating emails, but keeping on top of things (Sarah)
  • met with Aaron Doupe, how to deal with events – he wants to be more in the loop (cc to emails)

(iv) Financial/Wendi

  • Mood: sleep-deprived, not doing school work (Wendi)
  • picked up binder/dividers for inventory (invoiced for that)
  • updated financial spreadsheets on google doc (sales and thanksgiving event – need to update Gus’ event)
  • met with Brynn and talked (helpful and felt better), and talked to Michelle
  • too much talking one on one and not enough group discussion – more communication

(v) Environmental/Natalia

  • Mood: feel good after last two events, Lunik will be growing for decades, we are just starting, would like to help with volunteers, but think we’re doing well (Natalia)
  • position is only two hours a week (including meetings, time is filled quickly) – would like to participate in discussions and be involved but trying to do necessary position things without doing too much
  • emailed Blair and will set up meeting
  • more feedback – what needs to be done?
  • forward emails sent to the Lunik account
  • Dominic left plunger, was supposed to come and snake it to really unclog, for now it is partially clogged – make sign? No food!
  • Get big compost bin (green with wheels) – ask university (Natalia will ask Blair), if not buy from city or Home Depot
  • Michelle to redo sign with garbage (match 7 principles sign) – for next semester, for now temporary not as fancy one

2. Recap on Gus at Lunik/General Promotion (20 mins)

– Turnout was good (around 20?)

– Would be great to use video/material gathered for website/media presence for Lunik, get photos printed out – good to emphasize: Lunik had our coffee farmer here! Buy our coffee!

– Need to do more of a campaign for getting people down here (one poster could be directly about cost) – big poster?

– Promotion not posters? – paperless = less trash, outside of school (Lawrence Station, bus stop), strengthen email list, tabling outside caf (free samples, price list comparison, ingredients list)

  • Wendi make comparison posters, Natalia can sit at table, Kaela/Naz will organize, hopefully be ready for week after next

– Graffiti

  • graffitti: Aaron Doupe not concerned, will be removed with solvent, will create paper sign to go in the hallway – will be taken care of before Monday
  • add art project with paper (swirls) around door in hallway, book art project on stairs (volunteer contributions = space becomes yours)
  • chalkboard for people to doodle/create on
  • Kaela will do chalkboard in the hall

3. Communication system for coordinators

  • group message thread on facebook (easier to read than emails)
  • Brynn: phone calls > texting, facebook > email
  • Wendi: facebook and texting (not a phone call person – phone is on silent)
  • Sarah: texting
  • Naz: facebook and email (alarmed by phone calls)
  • Kaela: phone calls (less miscommunication, faster information), but email and facebook are fine
  • Natalia: texting is best or facebook (smartphone so personal gmails are fastest), shotty call reception

4. New system for volunteer sign up (15 mins)

  • Doodle poll failed
  • six coordinators = we look established, people feel less engaged?
  • need to work on outreach: space is open, it’s a student coop – take ownership!
  • list of project each week for people to get involved in (post here and on facebook – what we need help with)
  • customers make their own espresso/lattes (picture of Gus on espresso machine?)
  • clothesline
  • send out art project info with doodle poll tonight
  • clothing swap rack (creative way to display clothes: bike tire? tree?)

5. Inventory and clean up systems (15 mins)

  • once a week, rotating coordinator duty: grab friends and tidy space
  • inventory system: not matching – print out excel document
  • volunteers need to do both

6. Upcoming events and preparations (15 mins)

  • Benefit Concert: not part of a group (two students): raise money for independent theatre group they want to start, a small % of funds will be donated to charity, performances (music, poetry, comedy, etc.), have a drink and listen to music, relaxed environment, cc Aaron Doupe = Friday, November 16th, 7:30 (50-80 people aim)
  • Haunted House: made an official ResLife event, not using kitchen (closing off kitchen?), apple-bobbing on terrace, costume contest, bake sale, can do event if pay for Lunik rep to be present (Michelle?) = Saturday, October 27th, 8:00-11:00
  • Lionheart Productions: setup start at 7:00 pm, Rocky Horror Picture Show screening = Monday October 29th, 8:00-10:30
  • Order of the Pheonix: end of the semester Yule Ball, end of the year Feast – ballroom better suited for Yule Ball?
  • Brazil-Canada Reception: bartender and liquor = Monday October 15th, 7:00-9:00
  • GRAS Smoothie and Game Night: social for group, kitchen for making smoothies, boxes of glasses in the back = Tuesday, October 16th, 5:00-9:00
  • Friends of Glendon Photography Contest: move start of reception to 7:00 instead of 5:00, no microphone until after 8:00 – event can start at 6:00 with no mic = November 7, 6:00 – ?

7. Reminders? Comments?

  • Everyone log your hours!!


8. Clean up Back Area

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