Meeting Agenda for October 12, 2012

Agenda for meeting

Chair of meeting: Wendi

Secretary: Brynn

Time: 11 AM



Wendi, Naz, Brynn, Kaela, Sarah, Natalia


Michelle, Colvin

1. Updates/mood check from each council (5 – 10mins)

(i) General/Kaela & Naz

(ii) Volunteer/Brynn

(iii) Social/Sarah

(iv) Financial/Wendi

(v) Environmental/Natalia

2. Recap on Gus at Lunik/General Promotion (20 mins)

– Turnout was good (around 20?)

– Would be great to use video/material gathered for website/media presence for Lunik, get photos printed out – good to emphasize: Lunik had our coffee farmer here! Buy our coffee!

– Need to do more of a campaign for getting people down here (one poster could be directly about cost) – big poster?

– Promotion not posters? – paperless = less trash, outside of school (Lawrence Station, bus stop), strengthen email list, tabling outside caf (free samples, price list comparison, ingredients list)

– Graffiti

3. Communication system for coordinators

4. New system for volunteer sign up (15 mins)

5. Inventory and clean up systems (15 mins)

6. Upcoming events and preparations (15 mins)

7. Reminders? Comments?


8. Clean up Back Area

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