Meeting September 27, 2012

Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2012

Time: 6:45pm

Coordinators: Naz, Wendi, Natalia, Sarah, Kaela, Brynn
Volunteers: Tony, Kirsten, Nick
Prospective partners: Anna, Billy

1. Presentation of items on agenda

2. Rotating Art Exhibit Proposal
Anna – masters student at Glendon, soon to be Lunik volunteer that wants to have artwork up on our walls
– Spoke to visual art student associations (at Keele)
– Looking to display student art at Lunik
– Want to connect with student artists, have month-long displays of their artwork
– Partnership relationship with Lunik; we can offer help for filming or printing of artwork because we have a lot of supplies

3. Updates from each council:

Sarah // Social
Events update
– Wendi to make invoices for group events
– make spreadsheet for event details will separate columns for Volunteer and Financial Coordinators to make sure all the bases are covered

Lunik Thanksgiving Dinner (Tues, Oct 2 – 6:30 – 8 pm)
– volunteers to help out the day of, to help prepare salads, plates, etc (between 12 and 6)
– vegetarian alternative dinner
– anyone know a band to play?
– kind of like Lunik opening party
– selling reservations for $5 and pay (more) what you can because its worth way more than $5
– Kaela getting dessert, Naz grilling corn
– Selling reservations at Lunik Monday and Tuesday
– will make a facebook event

Gus the coffee farmer (Nicaragua) and Yoanie from Gus’ Coffee (the coffee we serve in the cafe) are coming to Lunik!!!
– Tuesday October 9, have a reception + presentation
– fade into Late-Night Tuesdays (beer and wine)

Photography Competition held by Friends of Glendon
– hold reception/showing of the photo submissions on November 7 with wine and food
– negotiating times for event

– Check Lunik Events Calendar for full list of events!

Brynn // Volunteers
– lots of people signing up to volunteer!
– for future training sessions, create official training dates once a week (not drop in basis!)
– the first hour you volunteer it has to be done with an experienced volunteer
– try using doodle again to create volunteer schedule, or try Google Calendars?
– have online sign up page open in the computer behind the counter so volunteers can also sign up for hours at Lunik or from home
– Kaela and Naz opening and closing the cafe doors, other coordinators have a set in case of emergency

Wendi // Financial:
– decide on a float for the cash box – ~$20 in change
– volunteers need to check inventory
– big project: volunteer spreadsheet to keep track of inventory, see how much in minimum should be in the cash box at the end of the day
– changing the bank account?

Natalia // Environmental/Facilities
– Lunik Thanksgiving Dinner

4. Tasks from last meeting:
– Bios are up
– Coordinators have keys
– Software is fixed
–  Workshop on conflict resolution

5. Late-night Tuesday
– Next one on October 9 after Gus’ presentation

6. Contract for groups to sign for event bookings
– to be discussed on Google docs

7. Closing after 8pm
– unless you have a pre-scheduled event the cafe closes at 8 pm
– closing volunteers would have to sign a contract

8. Abolition of volunteer points system
– tea for half hour volunteer, muffin for hour volunteering, etc. is offered – take it or leave it during the shift
– no more than 2 volunteers at a time
– no drop-in volunteering

9. Next meeting and chair:
Sarah is chairing the next meeting (Friday, October 5 at 11 am)

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