Agenda for meeting October 5, 2012

Chair of the meeting: Sarah

Secretary: Wendi

Time: 11 am


Coordinators: Sarah, Brynn, Kaela, Naz, Natalia, Wendi

Volunteer: Michelle

1. Briefing on meetings guidelines (3 minutes)

2. Updates from each council (20 minutes)

(i) Volunteer/Brynn

– mis-communication with volunteer sign up; people won’t do the Google calendar.

– people sign up their general availability instead of the specific time of the week

– maybe have a facebook book for people to post on and Brynn can put the times on the calendar

– maybe go back to Doodle; send weekly reminders on facebook or via email

– temporary decision: having a physical calendar in Lunik and people come in to sign in & also have a Doodle poll for the week. One group volunteering training every week and people can start volunteering after

– volunteers NEED to update both the paper and Excel tally throughout and after their shift

(ii) Financial/Wendi

– financial records have been updated up to the latest bank statement

– need documents from Aaron Doupe, open a credit union account, then close the RBC one

– spreadsheets have been set up for different inventories

– float of $40 is counted out every morning

– get binder to keep everything financial related

(iii)  Social/Sarah

– Res Life: Pumpkin carving competition Oct 24

– Brazilian: oct 15: alcohol permit requested

– GCSU oct 10, Cafe chantant. We will host GCSU alternatives to pub nights

– oct 25 Alternative Halloween night

– meeting Arron Doupe to clarify events and needs

– oct 27 res life haunted house event. we need to get paid $16/hr in order to give them the space.

– Arbour day: Michelle will represent Lunik and attend the event

(iv) Environmental/Natalia

– Vegan dinner went really well

– Give Bachman $40 for his work

– in the week ahead: fix plugged sink, find the most natural way to dissolve it. Get filter nets and clogs.

(v) general/Kaela&Naz

– Gus is coming! videos, documentation and live tweets

– order to-go cups

– the number of visitors are lower than last year, need to inform more people about the cooperative model

– we can use the walls to post information about Lunik

– excel sheets have formulas and do calculations

– try out YU Connect to promote us more and let people use it

3. Review of first opening month – inventory, systems, communication, etc (10 minutes)

4. Update on Gus @ Lunik details (5 minutes)

Event overview

– bring in beans and have interactive activity and learn about coffee production

– explain why it’s important to get fair trade coffee

– set up mics and music

– presentation slides

5. Update on conflict resolution workshop (3 minutes)

– conflict resolution workshop: self-evaluations for volunteers, develop a cue to all show something’s not ok, show support to the person confronting, resolve conflicts in a subtle manner

6. Pay (15 minutes)

Friday Oct 12, at 12 PM

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