National Student Food Summit

(By Eninna Luli)
This past weekend from August 17-20 2012, I had the opportunity of attending the National Student Food Summit, representing Glendon College with Kaela Greenstein, co-director of Lunik Co-op.

Hosted by Meal Exchange at the University of Toronto, the summit consisted of students from different universities around Canada who are passionate about issues concerning food, such as food security, food banks, sustainability, social justice, and fund-raising.

The summit also introduced the National Student Food Charter which has been developed by the ideas and campus-led initiatives of Canadian students. The charter functions as a guide to students who want to expand projects concerning food systems in their campus and community (such as student-led cooperatives). The Charter can be found here: The summit included a variety of speakers such as professors, nutritionists, farmers, and chefs, providing the opportunity to learn about food concerns through different perspectives. Students also had the option of attending different workshops that contributed in-group discussions on issues that went beyond food, such Event Planning, and Fundraising & Financial Planning.

The goal of the summit and the charter is to provide students with suggestions in managing and organizing their own food initiatives by providing a communication channel with their school, staff, food businesses, governments, and non-government agencies. It has certainly provided fresh ideas for the upcoming school year for Glendon’s very own student-run Co-op, Lunik Cafe!

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