August 23rd Meeting Notes

Attending: Naz, Natalia, Yoani and Kaela

-bookshelves and signs (begining of sept)


*naz will contact michelle for poster, to be done by sept. 5th,

*volunteer structure to be done over google doc Kaela

*volunteer daily tasks Naz

*food items kaela in contact with ONFC, disposable cups next week

-frosh week, zines being finished and will be done by natalia due by monday!

-appliances : hot plate (kaela), kaela sell food processor, ask josh about blender, panini press purchase online (kaela), espresso machine will be purchased today

-garden, natalia will update after garden reno


*garbage removal – kaela will email university for green bin and garbage disposal

-physical work

*peter removed as contract work and replaced with yoani

*counter will be bolted together, front boards installed, plastering to be finished

-food summitt

-plan of action:

*Natalia working on kitchen stuff

*Naz: by-laws, daily operations draft, email michelle, zine submission on Friday,

*Kaela: volunteer model doc including working out the credit system, sorting out inventory,

-pay settled

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