MInutes for July 20


1. Update from Point Zero Trip

  • Hemp oil stain
  • milk paint
    • buy some for the arbour
    • $16 worth
    • prefer to buy from another location
  • Buying epoxy from Point Zero because of low VOC
  • Kaela to use car to buy epoxy, food for retreat, and stain,and meeting with the auditor, $13/hour for car
  • Kaelas trip around town
    • tell kaela by monday night about anything that will be needed

2. Garden:
-dy donation market table – tuesdays: any updates?

  • need to build cage to prevent animals from eating the garden
  • drip arogation, possible determined on how the budget is looking like

-Lee Valley?

3. Frosh week updates?

k sent an email, but contact is on vacation

4. Facilities:

  • Plumbing is going to require the college to hire contractors
  • planning to buy fridge and dishwasher
    • next week we will have a conclusion
  • Lighting
    • options for the kitchen
      • replace the tracks
      • replace the bulbs with
      • replace the fixture
      • Naz and |Kaela will go on Wed to figure out more options

5. Retreat:

  • all presentations/videos to be done by Wed night!!! and posted or emailed
  • -Food update?
    • budgeted 100$ for the food
    • everyone to send what food supplies they need to purchase by MONDAY!!!!!
    • good for food
  • -Any more intakes? Advertise?
    • 10 people to come, 7 maybe
    • naz to message people individually
    • and another round on FB
  • -Opening exercise?
    • peter is to figure this out
    • talk to liz A
  • -7 principles project – materials?
    • Kaela and naz to take care of materials

7. Misc:

  • -ordering ontario co-op manual
  • -switching bank accounts
    • info gathered and going to wait until new coordinators
    • 75% is glad we are changing banks, peter forgot to put up his hand

7. To get students (2) to organize the back rooms

  • Pay 15$? for 2 students to do it.
  • max about 150$
  • all agree that this would be a good idea

8. By-Laws

9. Policies

10. Constitution

  • Concerns after going over it
    • the primary objective to be amended

Meeting adjourned at 3:26pm

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