friday the 13th, july, 2012 – lunik meeting minutes

Friday the 13 july 2012


attending: nazampal, kaela, natalia, peter

natalia’s cupcakes…german chocolate



[ resin ]



contact: **Cam

The Zero Point
1590 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON  M4L 1G1


Tuesday to Saturday:  11am to 6pm
Sunday:  12pm to 5pm


going to visit on sunday… 1200


[ garden harvest: ]


-dy donation market table – tuesdays

-also free to whomever comes to lunik

  • frosh week party in the garden with information coffee house… tbd – (news flash)

  • -100 ft hose minimum, need to acquire measurements

  • lee valley – ask groundskeeper for his recommended supplier


[ plumbing ]

  • coffee machine

  • two sinks

  • dishwasher

  • talk to weston robinson, peter’s gonna do that


[ removal of fridge ]

  • need superman

  • – we will try to do it right after the meeting


[ retreat up date ]

  • videos

  • intro, history, garden, gus’ coffee video, (7 principles video – see below)

  • ‘I like’ paper game

  • learning about people games

  • two truths one lie


-day 1 starts 3pm, snacks food

  • peter in charge of campfire – roasting: pineapples, plantain…


thursday 8:30potluck

peter makes bread

kaela makes hummus

naz makes rice

natalia potato salad, bring flashlights




sleeping in tents etc.


day 2 –

breakfast –



constitution presentation – natalia



[ next friday1 pm – ]

meeting chaired by naz on by-laws and constitution

highlighting anti-discrimination policies from OPIRG yorku



[ ordering ontario co-op manual ]


[ switching bank accounts ] to alterna, multiple accounts, with multiple cheque books, all coordinators can have signing authority


[ building stuff ]

  • dates to build stuff – cover bar and paint

  • tuesday attacing plywood

  • spraypainting


[ the 7 principles ]


see the gmail account

[ pay and compensation ]

discussing everyone’s pay, elaborating on work done by all over the last few weeks, invoicing for purchases, supplies

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