Community Garden– Sharing the responsibility, sharing the bounty

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It’s spring, which means time to get the garden into full swing. As many of you may know, out back on the terrace Lunik has a lovely plot of land for planting all sorts of nature goodies. Like with the cafe, which relies on volunteers to stay operational, the space back there is a Community Garden. So what exactly does that mean, and how can you get involved?

planting 1

In the same way that Lunik is a student space, the back is maintained by dedicated students. Which means that the responsibilities for tending the garden fall on the community, rather than a single “gardener” in charge of the space. But it also means that anyone can help themselves to the produce that we grow. Hanging around Lunik mid-summer and need something to spice up a salad? Grab some arugula from your Community sprouts 11Garden. Planning a potluck at your house? Grab an eggplant or two and enjoy!

To spread out the responsibilities we rely on the initiative of volunteers. Keeping up a garden requires constant maintenance, so the more folks we have keeping an eye on the garden the better. Fortunately, volunteering in the garden is super flexible, so anytime you want to put in a little outdoor work you can pop over and pull up some weeds. It’s a great way to enjoy the terrace and give back to your campus co-op.

If you are interested in volunteering in the garden this summer, shoot us an email as We want to put together a few working groups to teach people about what we grow and how best to help, so keep your eyes out or let us know when you’re free. Soon enough we’ll all get to enjoy the summer bounty!