Lunik Spring Equinox Dinner


Back by popular demand, Lunik hosts another equinox dinner!

Last fall we made some warming, heady comfort foods to keep our bellies full. Now, spring is upon us and its time to quicken our metabolisms, cleanse our livers, kidneys and pack in as much vitamin C as nutritionally possible after a long winter. Come out to volunteer cooking and prepping from 3-6pm. Or, please feel welcome to chow at the PYWC (suggested $5) dinner at 6pm.


[ Spring tonic greens ]
Dandelion greens, lamb’s quarters, parsley, violets with oranges, grapefruit & candied almonds. Maple dijon vinaigrette

[ Fiddlehead and potato soup ]

[ Mildly glazed carrots, sunchokes & rhubarb with wild chives and maple syrup ]

[ Wild leek pesto with gluten-free penne, asparagus, sesame seeds ]

Refreshing [ rosehip syrup & sparkling water ]