Minutes for Lunik Meeting (March 22, 2013)

Chair: Sarah
Secretary: Sarah (but Natalia to chair the next week’s meetings: Wednesday and Friday!)
Time: 11:20AM

*day started with an electricity crisis*

1. Check in’s and Updates (10 mins)

2. Future Lunik Positions (20 mins)
> Solidify criteria for summer positions
– current coordinators and next year’s coordinators make a list of things that need to be done over the summer (on Google docs)
– responsibilities for a summer coordinator (not finalized):
– organizing summer retreat for Lunik development
– organizing oordinators training
– conducting weekly space maintenance
– managing/supervising (?) summer contract jobs
– organizing clean-up for opening of next school year
– maintaining Lunik garden (more community garden-type, not a paid responsibility)
– Summer Coordinator = Brynn

> Solidify criteria for fall/winter
– mandatory requirement for applicants to have been involved in the space within the last 2 years
– list of positions and descriptions on Google Docs; each coordinator to review the doc and post any last questions
– to publish by Monday

> Hiring committee
– Aaron and David!

> Deadline to apply for 2013/14 school year positions = April 30
– Deadline for decision = May 15

2. Upcoming events (15 mins)
> Womyn’s Night (Thursday, March 28, 2013)
> Meet the Principal (Tuesday, March 26, 2013; 3PM)
– free coffee/tea for that session
> Review of Dinner
– was good

3. Lunik short term operations (10 mins)

> Operations schedule for April
– space open but kitchen closed during exam period (last day April 26)
– kitchen closes day before exam period begins (April 8)
– Google Calendar to go up for scheduling opening/closing responsibilities

> Current coordinator term end April 30, 2013
– still held responsible for next year’s coordinators training

4. AGM (20 mins)
> Agenda for the meeting
– Finalized agenda, powerpoint for the AGM to be on our Drive for: Tuesday, March 26, 2013
– Naz to make ballots for voting on constitution and board members
– Nat to make doc on Robert’s Rules
– Email detailing the AGM needs to go out prior to; include that people can apply for the board through |these| steps of nomination

> After party
– Everybody by this Wednesday confirm what they’re bringing for the potluck dinner
– late-night Tuesday
– talk to bands about performing

5. Pay (5 mins)

To-do list: 
– change signing authorities and maybe even banks (but after audit goes through and we receive the levy)
– delegating tasks for dinner-type events
– making a conscious effort to help people feel welcome and included
– Wednesday meeting is necessary!!!

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