August 10, 2012 Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2012 Meeting Minutes
In attendance: Kaela, Natalia, Naz
1.From last week’s meeting, update on pins, bookshelf and signs (5min)
a) Will purchase 2500 for $340
-variations of designs
b)Bookshelf: Just mount shelves onto striped walls (use wood we have)
-Just purchase brackets (L-Bracket) – Kaela
-need stud finder
-Kaela will talk to maintenance
c) signs – working on today!

2. Go over the dates on the calendar (5min)
-Naz will make an events calendar on a new page

This weekend:
-finish bar wood, drill in table-tops, paint touch-ups, financial things

3. Frosh Week plans (10 minutes) (Alexandra)
-Peer mentorship Q&A Session here
-Thursday  and Friday Sept 6&7 (6-8PM)
-D-Frosh will be here and frosh can join to ask Q’s

-For the Frosh Kits: pins and Zines
-Have for the August 24th.

Zine Black and White – Work on it this weekend.
Title Page
Brief Overview of the history and opening hours (12-7pm for the first week) (page 1+2) – Kaela
Pages from the Doodle Book
ON Co-op and Volunteering (Naz)
Garden (natalia)
Article on Gus’s Coffee on the back

4. Fridge and delivery (5min)
Kaela bought a fridge
-$100 for delivery

5. National Food Conference (5min)
-Eninna Luli and Kaela will go
-Kaela will get tickets6. Drill (2minutes)
-we have borrowed a drill from Sam for the summer and we will have access to Natalia’s drill.

7. Go over policies from Natalia and Naz (10 minutes each)
Natalia presents: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13vBcoRfd2voStUkdK5-tm90tl7P3w2SbO9j0THS0slI/edit
-looks good
-advertise policy in space
-Make a letterhead: courier new, lunik logo centered in the page – Kaela made template
Naz presents:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xQpaYYw3149CI_KGPkf9LGpTfacbIJlsWAeRvfWM8EA/edit
-put the whole thing on the wall.

8. Liquor permit for September (5min)
Tuesdays: Late Night Lunik (6-11pm)
Sept. 11 and 25th.
Kaela will apply for perimits

9. Espresso Machine
-Levied money will come in installments
-Kaela will incorporate a model for finances to include the espresso to see if costs are feasible
-How does it work – functioning, cleaning.

Next  Group Meeting August 23rd

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