Posters for the school!

Hey Everyone,

The Lunik Co-op is for all students on campus so we decided to start a postering campaign to get even more of the word out about the Lunik Co-op around Glendon. Rather than making one generic poster to go around the school, we want to get all Luniktics to participate and make their own poster about why they love Lunik. This way we get as many ideas about the co-op communicated to our school.

Open the link and download the poster and write the reason(s) why you love Lunik. We’ll also have a stack of these at Lunik if you want to grab some pens and felts to fill your poster in during a break.


Once your done with your poster, leave it with a volunteer behind the counter at Lunik and we’ll have it put up around the school. Remember, we’re a bilingual campus, so if you make two posters (one French one English) or one that is bilingual, that’s even better!

Thanks everyone!

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