Sweets from the Earth

Wondering where all our delicious muffins, cookies, cupcakes, caramel bars, blue berry tarts, brownies etc. come from?

We’re fortunate enough to have a fantastic company in Toronto called Sweets from the Earth. Not only are all of their deserts to-die-for, ridiculously amazingly delicious, they are also:

· All Natural

· 100% Vegan (No animal

· Dairy & Egg free

· Peanut & Nut free
(Products baked in
Mulock Ave facility)

· Gluten & Wheat free
(Products baked in
Cawthra Ave facility)

· Cholesterol free

· Lactose free

· Trans fat free

· Non-hydrogenated

· Low in saturated fat

· GMO free

· Free from artificial colours
and flavours

· Preservative free

· Free from refined sugars

· Certified Kosher
Pareve – COR

You can check out their website here : http://www.sweetsfromtheearth.com/

Pretty cool for desert I’d say! Come by Lunik any day to try out these tasty treats. And don’t forget we have a microwave and toaster oven. Lots of these goodies get even better heated up (especially the muffins!).



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