What is the Lunik Co-op Café?

In 2008, a group of Glendon students envisioned an alternative space for students at Glendon College. Sustainably sourced food and affordable prices were of key concern, as was a space for study, club meetings and events of all sorts. From all these ideas, the Lunik Co-operative Café was born.

The students were able to get the Glendon administration on board with their vision and had a levy of $.90/credit passed. Even though the levy fund for Lunik was created in 2008, it took some time (and some accumulating of funds) for things to reach the next level- opening!

In the summer of 2011, a small group of students set their sights on finally opening up the Lunik co-op café. While a major renovation to the kitchen was planned, a number of roadblocks keep the project from materializing. Rather than let the kitchen renovation set them back, the students decided to press forward.

A garden was planted, walls painted, dirt scrubbed, coffee machine purchased, equipment and tables moved, lights put up, upholstry stapled, logo designed and on and on and on…

Finally on October 3rd, the basement of the Glendon Manor building was ready to open it’s doors to the Glendon community as the Lunik Co-op café.

Opening hours quickly expanded from 12pm-4pm to 10am-8pm. Students and staff alike poured into Lunik eager to see what had finally become of this long talked about idea on campus.

It was clear from the get-go that Lunik was a special place. A few years of hard-work from students planning Lunik went a long way. The Lunik co-op is now a hugely popular and successful student run café with fancy teas, ethical coffee and all sorts of delicious vegan snacks all available by donation.

More than it’s role as a café, the Lunik Co-op has established itself as an important meeting ground for students to study, discus and create. Glendonites meet at Lunik to share time with their fellow students in a warm, home-like environment. The community built around Lunik is what makes it a true source of pride for Glendon and turns students into “Lunik-tics!”.

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