minutes – meeting on February 8, 2013

Meeting Minutes

present >> naz, kaela, brynn, wendi, sarah, natalia

start time >> 12:00pm, chair >> wendi, secretary >> natalia

1. mood checks

kaela – send out list of prices for new food items and post to facebook group

wendi – make inventory of new products

safe space policy should also be on facebook group pages

2. upcoming events

Trouble & Daughter -feb. 12 6-11pm

  • each of us should post a song or link for promo everyday
  • brynn – brings extra mics and patch chords, will do a soundcheck on the day of
  • kaela, anya, natalia run the bar
  • ask bahman and emma for hummus, natalia and audrey make heart and skull? cookies
  • look into lights/lighting. borrow audreys spinning colourful light. more disco balls in back room?
  • set up stage/risers (naz? GME has them, get them back for the show)
  • wendi – pick up more liquor on tuesday
  • kaela – send notices to aaron doupe, protem, GCSU on fb

Raw and Organic : Valentines sex talk

  • 6pm -tea, 6:15 – yoga, 6:30 – discussion
  • food, hummus, pitas need to be acquired
  • we all need to talk about it and promote it
  • selective video, photos and blog post after the event – kaela/naz

Womyn’s night – 6-10:30pm

  • mini flyers by naz on Why the Y to put around campus
  • sarah – 5min presentation on masculine/feminine/androgynous body image
  • we all have to fill in the google doc on why a separate space for womyn!
  • naz is tabling on monday the 25th to promot womyns night and the AGM. booking table for 12-3 and wendi is able to book in.
  • potluck with naz brining lentils and rice, candy, mac n cheese
  • main topic: rejection/acceptance. movie clip from the movie Pariah. other topics include: slut shaming, dangers of internet, motherhood, coping with mental health

Clean up next week

2 people clean the front of house, 4 of us will take on the back room agian.

Anti-Oppression trainings

  • 2 sessions @2hours each for up to 20 people catered to luniks mandate > how to ensforce safe space policy, anti-o vs. political correctness, leadership within the context of anti-o
  • general promotion plus personal invitation for lunik leaders and to GCSU
  • tentative date is March 1st, the earlier the better
  • attendees must RSVP
  • brynn to send out in general email and naz emails ray, the facilitator, our specific needs, questions

AGM – Feb 26 – 6-8pm

  • agenda items: 1. elections (kaela), 2. pass constitution (naz), 3. pass by-laws (natalia). also required: report of directors, financial statements, report of auditors, appointing auditor for next year
  • need 5% of all membership or 10 people
  • must provide 10 days notice for AGM and for people to decide to run for board
  • need Robert’s Rules of Order sheets for attendees
  • need to elect a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer
  • need to determine who is up for re-election and the stages of future elections
  • will need to borrow a projector
  • naz – setting up facebook page
  • follow-up meeting will be next friday
  • it will be a potluck and party after. thinking of asking alex’s band to play for the late night tuesdays

3. Audit progress

No contact from the auditor, everything on our end is complete and still waiting on official report.

4. Kombucha

Dana, has SCOBI kombucha mother and we can start reproducing it and selling it at PWYC. Will need a person to lead and facilitate this project. Dana? Brynn will talk to her.

5. Reading week schedule

There will be no volunteer schedule, no late night tuesday and no meeting that week.

6. Misc.

naz to decalcify the espresso and coffee machines this weekend

brynn and adrienne/adrian to organize an #idlenomore discussion event with indigenous studies professor. topics of discussion could include recent flag ‘defacing’/adjusting at yorku.

>>meeting adjourned at 1:45pm. natalia to set schedule and minutes for next week’s meeting on friday, feb 15.