Meeting Agenda March 15, 2013


1. Review of Cafe Chantant and Womyn’s Night (10 mins)

– overall good vibes

– need improved protocol to enforce our group use policy

– new structure for how to schedule events in the space (eg. 10-4 is study space, 4-6 hang out, 6-8 priority for group events, discussion group circle groups)

2. Spring Equinox Dinner (15 mins)

– Natalia preparing a grocery list!!

– Need 4 volunteers prior to the dinner, at about 3pm; Brynn to send out email

– For the Community Garden: Meet at Lunik, 1pm on Wednesday. prepping seedlings!

– get good sharp knives for kitchen use

– Sarah to do Dinner tickets design, send to WenDi

– WenDi to put out an envelop of Dinner tickets on Monday morning

3. Event updates (10 mins)

– Womyn’s Night: discussion from 7-7:45, heading down to the GAC for self-defence class

– March 26th, 3pm

– Meet the Principal McRoberts at Lunik

– SASSL event happening next Friday

4. Next year’s coordinator positions (20 mins)

5. AGM (auditor, current updates) (20 mins)

– April 2, 2013 at 3pm

– Asking more profs about being on the Board of Directors next year

– Kaela to draft an email/notice to put on Glendon Annonce

– detailed program for AGM next week

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