August 23, 2012 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

August 23, 2012
1. From last meeting (5 min.)
-update on bookshelves
-update on signs

2. Review the dates on the calendar/To  Do List (2min)

3. Frosh Week plans (3 Min)
-Peer mentorship Q&A Session here
-Thursday  and Friday Sept 6&7 (6-8PM)
-Update on zines:
-Update on pins

4. Appliance Updates (3 min.)
Fridge is here:
5. Update on committee structure/positions + Staff positions(5 min.)

6. Physical Work Update (7 min.)

7. Food Summits (20 min.)



8. Plan of Action for the next two weeks
-frosh week
-ordering food/stuff

9. Pay
-remember to subtract IOU’s to Lunik.

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