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Volunteering at Lunik

It all goes back to our mission statement: one of Lunik’s central roles is to provide the Glendon community with a greater range of food options on campus. Maintaining a completely student-run cafe means having the support of a large body of volunteers, whose dedication keeps Lunik up and functioning every day.

What you’ll be doing

Volunteers behind the cafe counter have a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Greet and answer questions– you get to be the face of Lunik!
  • Brew coffee and boil water for tea
  • Collect donations and give change for food and drinks
  • Keep record of items sold on the inventory sheet
  • Keep kitchen tidy, replace cups and plates when clean, remind people to wash dishes

Volunteer Positions

Volunteering at Lunik is an easy and flexible way to get more involved on campus. In order to accommodate all different types of schedules, we’ve made few categories of kitchen volunteers. These aren’t rigidly set, but keeping in mind the different types of volunteers that we have helps us organize scheduling more effectively.

  • Prefer not to sign-up to volunteer in advance; Able to fill in gaps on the day’s schedule when available; Ideal for residents who are often on campus and available sporadically.
  • Prefer to volunteer at the same time every week
  • Prefer to check the schedule weekly or biweekly to sign-up in advance for different times
  • Opening and closing- available to anyone; opening and closing volunteers are responsible for additional duties and earn extra points; a bit of extra training and experience required

We are always excited to welcome new volunteers to the co-op. Join the volunteer Facebook page or email us at lunik.cooperative@gmail.com for more info on how to get involved.

How to make it happen

1. Attend a kitchen volunteer training session. These are advertised on our Volunteer Facebook page, or you can email us to set one up directly.

2. Become a member. You have already paid your member fees through the student levy, so all you need to do is sign up in our Membership book and volunteer 2 hours per semester.

3. Volunteer!

If you don’t have the time to commit to a full volunteer shift behind the counter, you can always help out when you are in the space. We ask everyone to wash their own dishes, but you can do a little extra by wiping down your tables and a couple others, sweeping the floor, emptying the garbage or anything else that looks like it could be tidied!

The benefits

The benefits for volunteering at the Lunik Co-op are far reaching. First of all, it’s a fantastic way to get involved with the Glendon student community. Lots of different folks spend time at Lunik, so it’s a great opportunity to meet Glendonites you might not otherwise run into. Studying English? Come meet some Economics kids. International Studies? Chat with a few Psychology majors!

Volunteering at Lunik Co-op gives you valuable experience to add to your resume or grad school application. Employers and grad schools love to see work and volunteer experience, but its not always easy to find. You are effectively the responsible party for Lunik when you are volunteering, so self-initiative, teamwork and innovation are all things you’ll be able to demonstrate through your volunteer hours.

Thank you for your commitment to our campus co-op, we can’t wait to see you around the space!

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