1. Organization of fridge/counter area (10min)

– Back area, fridge and kitchen area has been reorganized; they should stay neat

– Are we gonna do any renovations to the back area of the kitchen? How do we make it flow more?

– We should clean out the clothes; use the other counter side

– We need to start thinking about summer, shelfs are needed, and spaces need to be filled in

– If we clean out the counter area, then we can put up bilingual signs and enforce weekly French days next year

– Make a list of summer to-do things

2. Review of Wednesday meeting – how did we think it went? Continue this? (10min)

– We should make goal lists, then Wednesday meetings will be a checkup of how far we are

– We should have one this upcoming week

– It went well, we should really keep it to 20 minutes

3. AGM (15min)

– Couldn’t contact the auditor again

– Will contact her after this meeting to finalize things

4. Lunik events – potluck – end of year party? (15min)

– Light menu;

– Wendi will make event page

– March 21st, 6:30, $5 recommended ticket price

– We will need volunteers to help set up

– Budget: approx. $150

– Have to make tickets; Naz will make

– Live music would be nice; Brynn, Esther or other Glendon musicians

5. Upcoming events

– Womyn’s Night 28th, 7 – 10 PM

– Upcoming Tuesday: Weather Station; Kaela will make poster for the event
6. Goals for next week and rest of semester (20min)

– Next year’s positions, same model/Glendon integrator  and become more connected to the Glendon/city community

– We’ve become more isolated and cut off from the rest of the campus

– Have a position/representative who reaches out

– There needs to be more communication with other student groups

– Building a community that makes Lunik really become a part of Glendon

– By the end of this month and post next year’s position requirements

7. Pay

Meeting Minutes

Proposed Agenda for meeting August 10th at noon

From last week’s meeting, update on pins, bookshelf and signs (5min)
Go over the dates on the calendar (5min)
Frosh Week plans (10 minutes)
Fridge and delivery (5min)
Drill (2minutes)
Go over policies from Natalia and Naz (10 minutes each)