FAQ & Contact


How is Lunik Cooperative run?

Lunik is run by a team of 7 core coordinators and several contract employees.
Administrative Organizational Development Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Social Space Coordinator, and General Environment Coordinator. Together we do the behind the scenes that goes into running the organization and making it functioning for the student community?

How do I become a member of Lunik Cooperative?

As a Glendon student you are automatically a member due to the levy you pay into with your tuition. Therefore you get have a vote to make major decisions about the space and the way you want to use it!
You can become an active volunteer by getting an orientation session and familiarizing yourself with the space. For an orientation session please email us!




Email: lunik.cooperative@gmail.com

Facebook: Lunik Co-op page  & Active Members group

Twitter: @lunikcoop

Instagram: @lunikcoop

But more than anything, come see us in person! Nous adorerions vous voir à Lunik.