Hours, Info + LNL


Lundi: 9 h 00 – 20 h

Mardi: 9 h 00 – 20 h

Mercredi: 9 h 00 – 20 h

Jeudi: 9 h 00 – 20 h

Vendredi: 10 h 00 – 17 h

Other information

Late Night Lunik (LNL)

Many students are interested in having a space on campus to enjoy drinks with friends (and sometimes even professors).

To add more options to students for nighttime events, we have established late night Wednesdays with local beer and wine available to those 19+ with ID while also being accessible to underage students.

The atmosphere for these nights is relaxed and casual – it’s basically the same Lunik during the day but with alcoholic selections instead of coffee! Many of our Late Night Lunik Wednesdays are popular choices for student groups to host after hour events, contact us if you are interested! Please contact us at lunik.cooperative@gmail.com if you wish to do so.

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To book a Late Night Lunik for your club or organization for the Fall session please send us an email at Lunik.cooperative@gmail.com until the schedule is released!